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Why Chinese seems to be remarkably prosperous?

Why Chinese people seem to be so prosperous?

Is it particular gods they worship?

Is it custom they practise?

Is it food they eat?

No, those are not. It's their mindset.

First, they believe in hard working. Sorry, if this might be rude to your ears, but you can't build any empire from "work-life balance" attitude.

At some point in our human history, large amount of Chinese families relocated to South East Asia. Because they seriously lived their lives, not just they succeeded settle down in the new land, they also lead to good economic to the country they lived in too.

So firstly, not the gods. It's just stopping being a child and work real hard.

Second, always find a way to make money. Traditionally, Chinese people never be picky on finding a job. Certainly, job is not the way they represent who they are. Who they are is demonstrated by how they treat other people, do they respect other people or being a big arrogant, that is telling who they are - not the job they do. That's the basic concept about job. To make money.

Good way to find more money is to, either, expand current business, or venture to a new one. Chinese did not invent capitalism, so traditionally, they wouldn't be much interested in investing in financial products. They are more interested in tangible assests: gold, land, more shop. However, the world has changed. There're reasons to believe that Chinese is interested more in financial investment these days.

So, it's not the custom. It's the mind that always find more money.

Third, save and count their money. There's a saying: before you pay anyone else, pay yourself first. To eat or drink, travel, spoil yourself in any form, it must involve paying someone to get what you want to consume. That's obviously pay someone, not yourself. Pay to yourself is to save your money. Just save it and always counting. How much do you have, how much did you lose, and what was that for.

So, it's not the food they eat. t's the money they save.

Can you be discipline and tolerant all these? If you could, you could be as prosperous as a Chinese.

Note: If it's not yet clear. Wear red attire on Chinese new year, go to Chinese temple, worship Chinese gods, have nothing to do with being prosperous. Sorry, there's no shortcut.

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