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How do you know she's the one?

This question shoot to me countless of times.

Well, actually, I don't!

Anyway, I told people that it doesn't matter. At the end of the day I might be right or wrong.

But at that moment, until now, I still believe that if there's gonna be someone I can see her face for the rest of my life. It's her.

Back to the question. When you found your soulmate, it's more like feeling than enlightening. So, "know" may not be the valid verb. It should be "recognise" or something more possibility-friendly than "know". Hmmm, this bit also doesn't matter. LOL

It's all about how you see yourself -- how you see your life. If that vision is vivid, than the person you hold hand with you would be vivid too. Your vision will filter people who doesn't qualify to be in your life out of the way. There will be very few people left, or worst, none...

What would we do if it left none?

The answer is to love yourself. When you love yourself enough, you will be a bright person, And bright persons always radiate warm aura which attract everybody. Now, there're people, use your life-filter, and viola.

I write this to explain it in human language. Honestly, my case, It was spontaneous. I had no thinking at all. LOL

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